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Thoughts about reading

When I was a child I got interested in reading, books, politics, science and the world because all this topics where present in my home. Every morning a newspaper arrived at our home and was lying on the table, accessible for everyone. Every month additional magazines my parents subscribed to arrived and if I walked into the home office of my parents I found shelves of books about various topics.

This way I started to read the newspaper, the magazines got interested in various topics and started to read books.

I wonder if we lose these natural way of discovering all this stuff these days? My daily newspaper is a online subscription I read on my smartphone or tablet, same is true for the magazines I subscribed to. Regarding books, more and more books are ebooks which only exists in my ebook reader or as ebub file in a folder of my computer.

They are hardly visible to everyone beside myself. Regarding the books I have to admit that even for me it is hard to keep an overview what exists in my ebook library and it is way harder to discover stuff than standing in front of a shelf, grab one book, open a few random pages, read a few sentences, grab the next one, etc...

I wonder what this means for our children? How will they discover all the stuff and get interested in news, science, the world and reading in general? Do you already have experience in this regard? How to you make your newspapers, magazines and ebooks accessible and visible to your family?

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Don't forget about the toilettes book/magazine pile...
I don't remember when I started reading, but my slightly younger brother wanted to play a narrative video game and was locked out of it by his lack of reading skills.

I was annoyed with him constantly requesting that I read it to him and that friction eventually led him to be motivated enough to do it himself.
Reminds of a lecturer making the observation about a change in casual reading habits of undergraduate students; with paper format journals, students would browse the table of contents of the journal and encounter an article of interest by serendipity. Does not happen as easily with electronic materials, so that random discoveries, different ideas are lost.
Old, dusty books. It is nostalgia that you feel 😉

To be a bit more serious: Books are still a thing for children. We go to the public library or bookstores to get books for them. They have a lot of them.

For me, I prefer ebooks and digital items most of the time.
what about less privileged families though? I'd think most kids didn't grow in families that subscribed to magazines or had a home office filled with shelves worth of books on various topics...
Unfortunately, such families are not helping their children with a good start. It is not just money, but _time_ that they need. Have seen kids grow successfully from less financial privilege, but an understanding that education may help self-improvement. Also sad to see rich children with behaviour problems (drugs, mental health), with parents that throw money at them, but not much love...
Ebooks Werke barely growing (at least until 2020: I don't know about the other stuff, but most of the things you describe is a dystopy in our tech bubble, IMHO.
I can barely read books anymore and all the ones I have have been ebooks because of objectively better accessibility making a lower bar of entry so