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2021 escalated quickly

"Open source, open standards and decentralised technology gives users control. Open source lets people build on top of what already exists. Open standards means a vibrant ecosystem and marketplace can thrive, competing through innovation that gives customers endless choice. Decentralisation lets people own their own service - the data they generate and, in doing so, returns them their privacy and leaves them free from data mining.

It removes the surveillance capitalism that has brought such turmoil and division to not just elections, but everyday life."

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while it does do some things, removing the surveillance is not really among them.
@Alien (A23P) Decentralisation and self-hosting does help against the possibilities of surveillance, for sure? Open source as well, as you have less risk of backdoors or data mining when running the software yourself.
@Jason Robinson 🐍🍻
The word used was "removes", which it doesn't at all.
In fact it barely, if at all, even "helps" against powerful adversary.
Might as well speak honestly here Jason.
@Alien (A23P) I am speaking honestly :/ But, sure, we disagree on things. Moving on!
It doesn't "remove", that's not an opinion as much as just a comment on the current state of general mass IT sec.
I'd thought you'd aware, but the proliferation of Intel ME and AMD PSP chipsets are among the numerous vulnerability points of why "remove" isn't at all a proper word AND ALSO why "helps" becomes largely (not to be confused with "entirely") negligible as it concerns a "powerful" adversary.

It was simply to the current states of general IT sec that was suggesting "speak honestly", though admittedly, my "assumption" was that you stood aware of these and numerous other issues that currently exist.

Such all said "helps" was better and more true wording than what was stated in the original text.