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Some meta thoughts about social networking

I really love #Mastodon, it is for me the successor of GNU Social a free, decentralized and open "Twitter-like" social network with the unique chance to become more than just a toy for some geeks.

But what I observe, similar to my Twitter usage: I use it often as a one way tool to publish my thoughts, interesting links, etc. Often I don't engage in discussions or decide to answer with my #Friendica account instead. While 500 chars are enough to publish a initial thought, it is barely enough to have a meaningful discussion about a topic. I'm the only one who feels sometimes to restricted by this arbitrary limit? Aren't this kind of technical limitations of discussions against the purpose of social networking? Maybe Mastodon should get over this Twitter-heritage and find other ways to keep the timeline readable, e.g. "read more" links or something similar...

I'm thinking about leaving Mastodon. It seems redundant.

Die Abhängigkeit von Microsoft gefährdet die digitale Souveränität des Staates und steht im Widerspruch zu den strategischen Zielen der IT des Bundes, so eine vom Bundesinnenministerium in Auftrag gegebenen Studie.

Die Studie sieht "dringenden Handlungsbedarf", es wird empfohlen sich an den vielen nationalen und internationalen Initiativen anderer Organisationen zu orientieren und den daraus abgeleiteten Erfolgsfaktoren. Proprietäre Lösungen durch Freie Software zu ersetzen ist hierbei ein "probates Mittel", um die "digitale Souveränität der Bundesverwaltung langfristig zu sichern". Einen fragenden Blick nach München kann ich mir an der Stelle nicht verkneifen.

Des weiteren soll das Vergaberecht auf Freie Software ausgerichtet werden.

#Demokratie #Politik #IT #Microsoft #Nachhaltigkeit #pmpc #publicCode #FreieSoftware #OpenSource

Great article, but here I have to disagree: "The open-core model followed by some of those companies creates an additional layer of community tension. [..] In the best case, this leads to the death of the community, and in the worst case this leads to a fork" - In this situation a fork is a great opportunity to fix a broken system and to restart the project. Done right this will lead to a revived and stronger community. #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #business #OpenCore

Hm, @Fedilab always crashes when I try to reply to a post on my #Friendica account. I'm the only one with this problem? #fedilab

Since 2002 dozens – maybe even hundreds – of people have devoted years of their life to making Blender open and free to use for everyone. This massive effort has made it a strong and exciting program where add-ons can become massively successful. You’re standing on the shoulders of giants!

This can only work if we create a level playing field for everyone. Nobody’s code is more important than another’s. Nobody cuts a corner of the Blender play field to claim it as their territory. Nobody will plant trees here where you can’t climb in or enjoy its fruits.

Blender is free, forever.

#FreeSoftware #Blender #OpenSource #GPL #Copyleft #LevelPlayingField
Blender is Free Software