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"When we argue about who is “more pure” or when we tell people that they're bad or evil because they don't use either the same software stack we do, or use the same terminology we do- then we've lost the point of Free Software, which is to spread Freedom."

Well said @Emacsen, I couldn't agree more. I think it is not a #FreeSoftware thing only, especially in the larger #DigitalRights community I see more and more people fighting within their own peer group about details like why A doesn't value detail X as much as B. We should target the 95% out there, instead we get lost in detail within our 5% bubble sometimes.

Software freedom and digital freedom on a more general level is not binary, it is a journey. We should walk this way together and encouraging more people to join us no matter which path they chose, as long as the overall direction is the same.

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